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Short-Term Schedule Change

April through mid-June of this year (2014) are going to be really busy for me, so the show is going to go to a biweekly schedule for the next 2–3 months.

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Episode #126 - Long Live Oderus!

Episode #126 – Long Live Oderus!

The Odinson is off getting himself hitched, so instead of a regular episode, he will be honoring the passing of Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie, the frontman for the heavy metal band GWAR.

R.I.P., Oderus

Episode Outline

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Episode #125 - Blow Shit Up
Episode #124 - It’s Not A Party Until The Vikings Show Up

I imagine at some point, there was a Helloween/Manowar show, the groupies intermingled, and the resulting offspring formed this band.

Episode #24: Codex II: Dawn of Metal

Episode #24: Codex II: Dawn of Metal

Episode #24: Codex II: Dawn of MetalEl Goro and SonOfOdin explore the question of “Is this metal?” this month, first with two of the stranger new releases: the a capella stylings of Germany’s Van Canto and Japan’s J-pop/metal hybrid Babymetal. Then it’s back to North America to check out the gothic stylings of Canada’s Unveil and the blues-y crooning of Glenn Danzig’s second solo album.


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Episode #123 - Apparently The Vikings Created Push-Up Bras
Episode #122 - I Miss My Puppy
Side Stage March 2, 2014: The Daughters of Metal

Side Stage March 2, 2014: The Daughters of Metal

The Side Stage contains infrequent music-centric podcasts to hold you over between regular episodes.

Angela GossowGood friend of the show, Explodey Jo came up with the idea for this Side Stage. Because February was Women In Horror Month, she thought it’d be a good idea to showcase some Women In Metal to illustrate that girls can kick some metal ass, too.


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Episode #121 - Orders Be Damned!

Episode #121 – Orders Be Damned!

Episode #121 – Orders Be Damned!

The Odinson finishes up Samurary (Samurai February) with a brilliant performance by Toshiro Mifune in 1967′s Samurai Rebellion.

Samurai Rebellion

Intro: Endless Noise — Blades of Thunder  [Official Site]



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